Lupine ~ Thirsty

Wolfish Melbourne garage rockers Lupine came to WildnFree‘s attention back in 2014 when Hunter caught her eye and ear with its rowdy explosiveness, so she’s stoked they’re back with new track Thirsty.  Rocking a slow-dance surf-psych elegance, Thirsty sounds like a confident return to form from a band who’ve taken time out to develop their direction and sound. Because she’s a fan who’s just always loved something about this band, WildnFree was curious to know what Lupine have been up to, and so asked lead singer Thomas James the following questions:

WF: What’s been going in the Lupine world over the past 2 years since your awesome EP The Hunter

For the past two years we’ve been keeping our heads down and focusing mainly on writing, recording and rehearsing.

WF:  How have you been developing your songwriting and sound? 

We’ve become much tighter as a band by jamming regularly, and our sound and direction has definitely evolved by doing so. I’m personally most inspired by reading, film and listening to other artists so they’re all things that I’m constantly doing as well.

WF: Tell me about your fab new track Thirsty!

Thanks! I’m not really sure how ‘Thirsty’ came about. I think it came to me first as just a melody and the rest sort of followed. It’s basically an unashamed love song about the escape that love can provide in times of need, that old chestnut! I think this track in particular signalled a departure from our past releases and set the course for where we want to take our sound moving forward.

WF: What have you got coming up soon music-wise? 

We’ve got a few more singles in the works with plans to record more material before the end of the year. We’re really excited about our upcoming releases as we feel they truly represent us and the band we want to be.

WF: Any live shows coming up?  

We don’t have anything planned at the minute but we’re thinking of putting something on to coincide with the release of our next single, so watch this space!

Q. Whats your fave Melbourne bands at the moment? 

Coincidentally, four of my most recent record purchases have been from Melbourne bands – Cartoons by Hollow Everdaze, Jen Cloher self-titled album, What The Fuck Was I Thinkin‘ by Jade Imagine and Glory + Shawcross by Good Morning – all of which are amazing and super inspiring!

Good to see you back Lupine! You’re always welcome on WildnFree. 



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