Mac DeMarco ~ Some Other Ones

Oh Mac DeMarco, thanks for your fab new instrumental album Some Other Ones. Forever endeared to me that February night at The HiFi in Melbourne, you crowd-surfed your way into my heart as you rode on a sea of hands towards the back of the dancefloor, climbed up onto the balcony above before dropping backwards into the crowd in a crazy game of trust. You had me well and truly then. Let’s be honest, it’s definitely not summer barbeque weather in Melbourne, so find another reason to listen to this nine-track playlist of cruisey numbers. Recorded in only four days to celebrate the northern summer, this album is classic DeMarco mellowness, minus the words. Make up your own lyrics if you like, or just enjoy the instrumental Macness . 

Download Some Other Ones now on bandcamp for whatever purpose takes your fancy.

In the meantime, enjoy this acoustic version of my fave Mac track Salad Days: 

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