Machine Age ~ Fighting

Dark horse Brisbane beat-rocker Machine Age  is back with huge new single Fighting. In typical Machine Age DIY fashion, Fighting is a completely self-recorded  jam with additional mixing from Slumberjack and mastering by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Hiatus Kaiyote),

Brash and explosive, Fighting is a turbulent hard rock mix patterned with synths and driven by Machine Age AKA Adrian Mauro’s silky vocal, while new addition drummer Dylan Stewart adds the banger percussion dialled up at mega-80s at around 3 minutes in.

Machine Age explains that Fighting is all about tfw “you find yourself paralysed by your own decisions and wake up asking “How did I get here? The only way to gain clarity is to be kinder to yourself and not repeat the mistakes of the past.”  Fuck yes. Listen to Machine Age, be kind to yourself and do better next time.


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