Magnets ~ Liquor

Melbourne fem-pop rocker Magnets pops up with some bedroom burlesque in her new video for Liquor, starring award-winning performer Ruby Slippers.  Channeling Magnet’s catalysing fuck-you ethic hard, Liquor is all glam theatre, fish nets and glitter, pouty red lips and hot looks, soundtracked to the power opening track of last year’s EP Perpetual Motion.    

With a Melbourne music dreamboat team featuring Ross Beaton (Ali Barter), Lachlan O’Kane (Angie McMahon), Richard Bradbeer (Dorsal Fins) and Stephen Mowat (WiLSN) all over the music, and director Donna Yeatman bringing this super sumptuous vision to life, Liquor as a whole gives life to Magnets drive for for representation in a male dominated industry, her desire to giving visibility to an aspect of queer experience, and her own compelling need to reclaim power back for herself.  

She’s got it all going on, and is only getting started.



Image credit: Greg Holland

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