Premiere ~ Marianne Digs ~ Weigh In Your Heart

Enjoy some sincere, rustic guitar-pop from reformed punks Marianne Digs this Easter Sunday, with new track Weigh In Your Heart premiering here. Giving up the Brisbane punk scene from some Melbourne music inspo, with a particular interest in exploring what The Go-Betweens called the ‘striped sunlight sound’, Marianne Digs recorded their forthcoming EP, including Weigh In Your Heart, in one delirious day.

Marianne Digs tell us more about it:

You’re former punks from Brisbane – how and why did you transform into Melbourne ‘striped-sunlight sound’ makers?

We drove down to Melbourne in 2010 because we hate good weather and love the music scene here. Gradually we grew tired of screaming and got interested in classic pop songcraft. Specifically Australian music like The Go-Betweens or The Triffids, bands who write songs that sound like they’ve been around forever, peopled with Australian characters in Australian landscapes.  

That being said there’s still a substantial amount of that punk DNA in Marianne Digs. We’re always one step away from stamping on the distortion pedal and going wild. Even the sweeter songs sound like they could go off the rails at any time, which we like.

You say “Weigh In Your Heart is a real evolution for us– both in terms of production and song craft”- how so?

Weigh In Your Heart is the first thing we’ve self-recorded and produced, so it’s covered in our sonic fingerprints. We stripped the song down to its core, using mostly acoustic guitar, minimal drums and our voices.  

The song itself is so musically simple you could sketch it out on a bar napkin, which is just the way we like it. It’s direct and propulsive and articulates the feeling we were trying to get at in the song, the way romantic pain can feel almost sweet, in a masochistic way.

You recorded your EP in one session in one day – what was that experience like?!

Delirious. We didn’t realise we’d be recording the whole thing in one day, we just started at 9am and at 11pm we were still going. By the end of it we could barely see straight, but we were all pretty confident we’d just captured something honest. That might’ve been the beer and the exhaustion, though.

It’s about “how loving someone can be painful and complicated, yet we can’t help but do it anyway” – what’s your advice for someone in this situation?

Someone in this position is generally impenetrable to advice, which is probably for the best. We can’t help but be drawn into the orbit of those we love. Maybe higher level beings can, but no one in this band has managed it. Just be kind to yourself and others and listen to dangerous amounts of Elliott Smith.

What’s next for Marianne Digs?

Following Weigh In Your Heart the song we’ll be releasing an EP of the same title over the autumn. On April 29, we’ll be playing this single and a couple of other new tracks on Triple R’s The Party Show. Follow us for regular updates with new songs, artwork and live dates.


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