Marlon Williams ~ Vampire Again

Kiwi alt-country babe Marlon Williams has a new video for a new song Vampire Again, and it’s a ridiculous caper full of sick dance moves, well-timed facial twitches and vampiric pouncing on innocent pedestrians, casting Marlon Williams as a criminal offender/panto artist smiling like sunshine. Filmed in hometown Lyttleton, NZ and directed by old mate Marlon and UK cinematographer Steve Gullick, Vampire Again is super fun slapstick gold, with a sweet, old-school, slow-dancing rock n roll soundtrack to top it right off.    

With a set that festival goers were talking about for the rest of the weekend at the recent Newport Folk Festival, let’s hope Marlon is rightfully feeling better about life than when he wrote Vampire Again. Marlon says:

The germination of this song began in LA last year. It was indeed Halloween again, and I was bored, having spent a week locked away in an Airbnb by the airport trying in vain to write a song. Any song. Nothing came. So Halloween comes around and I figure, “Hey, I’m gonna go out tonight. Alone. Comfortably alone. Comfortably alone to see the LA Opera performing a new score to accompany my fave scary flick Nosferatu at the Ace Hotel. I’m gonna dress as the spindly creep himself. What’s more, I’m gonna get super blazed before I go. And be comfortably alone.”

So, off I go, having spent far too much on a last minute outfit, and step out of the Uber and onto the red carpet with a nauseating air of self-confidence. “This is my night. I am strong. I am human and it is my right to express myself how I see fit.” Turns out I was running late, and when I finally enter the theatre everyone was already seated and the overture had begun. What’s more, no one else was dressed up. Well they were, but in tuxedos and lovely dresses. And there was nowhere for stoned ole spindleboots to sit. So, I hunched and crawled my way down the aisle and sat on the floor like it was the most reasonable thing to do at an opera. 

I made it through the whole film and then calmly turned tail, satisfied that I’d had a good time and sure that I’d heard whispers of “bad-ass” as I left the building. I’d like to believe that this was, at least in part, the catalyst for a whole new period in my life and my art. But that’s bullsh*t.

Anyway, here it is, my own demented tale of New Age self-affirmation; “Vampire Again.”

WildnFree loves you Marlon Williams, no matter how demented your tales may be. She suggests any WildnFree readers in Canada, the US, Europe, Australia and NZ check out his tour dates below and go catch him live, he’s an exceptional live talent and fucking good fun to watch.


Marlon Williams Australian Shows

Wed. Nov. 15 – Sydney, Australia @ Oxford Art Factory

Thu. Nov. 16 – Melbourne, Australia @ Howler

Fri. Nov. 17 – Mullumbimby, Australia @ Mullumbimby Music Festival


International dates

Fri. Aug. 11 – Boulder, CO @ Triple A Festival

Sat. Aug 12 – Sun. Aug. 13 – Edmonton, AB @ Edmonton Folk Festival

Tue. Aug. 15 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant #

Wed. Aug. 16 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown #

Fri. Aug. 18 – Denver, CO @ Paramount Theatre #

Sat. Aug. 19 – Bellevue, CO @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre #

Mon. Aug. 21 – Kansas City @ Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland #

Tue. Aug. 22 – Springfield, MO @ Gillioz Theatre #

Thu. Aug. 24 – Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom #

Fri. Aug. 25 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues #

Sat. Aug. 26 – San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theatre #

Mon. Aug. 28 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues #

Tue. Aug. 29 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s #

Sat. Sep. 2 – Rutbeek, NE @ Tuckerville Festival

Tue. Oct. 24 – London, UK @ Omeara

Wed. Oct. 25 – Paris, France @ Espace B

Thu. Oct. 26 – Berlin, Germany @ FluxBau

Sat. Oct. 28 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ London Calling Festival

Mon. Oct. 30 – New York, NY @ Rough Trade

Wed. Nov. 1 – Toronto, ON @ The Drake

Thu. Nov. 2 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge

Fri. Nov. 10 – Auckland, NZ @ Point Chev RSA

Sat. Nov. 11 – Welllington, NZ @ San Fran

Sun. Nov. 12 – Christchurch, NZ @ Blue Smoke

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