Max Chillen And The Kerbside Collective ~ Moneymouth

Brisbane new wave punk pop 7-piece Max Chillen And The Kerbside Collective, a band rocking a most fabulous name, premiere new track Moneymouth today on WildnFree. Outing themselves as the love-children of Morrissey and Marr, raised on a strict diet of glitter and LCD Soundsystem Records, Max Chillen and mates take a madly energetic glam approach to heartbreak in Moneymouth.

Lead singer Darcy Rhodes confirms, tragically, that “Moneymouth is a breakup song. It’s the morning after, the voicemail you regret, the airing of grievances, and the questioning of your relationship that’s just evaporated before your eyes.” If that’s you right now, throw a bit of Moneymouth‘s post-punk, 2000 electronica and 80s new wave vibe on that shit and you’ll be recovered in no time. 

With two previous singles, EP Dead Gorgeous, and an East Coast tour in the bag, plus supports for UK’s Telegram, America’s absurdist comedian David Liebe Hart, and Australian favourites Cub Sport, The Jensens and Northeast Party House, now’s a good time to get on board with Max Chillen And The Kerbside Collective.   

Recorded by Cam Smith at Incremental Records, mixed by Steve Kempnich and mastered by Ethan Greaves, enjoy the fruits of their labours – Moneymouth: 

 Image: Robbie Atkin Robertson

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