May Lyn ~ Soldiers

Brisbane RnB producer and triple j Unearthed NIDA competition winner May Lyn has some serious shit to say in new track Soldiers so it’s probably best you listen and think. A song about ‘freedom of speech, authority, violence and oppression’, Soldiers couldn’t be more timely and courageous in its exploration of political conformity, obedience and fear. Raised in Malaysia, May has the bittersweet benefit of being more aware and awake to the overt nature of corruption far more evident in her home country, unlike us poor sleepy Aussies who believe our governments are benign.

“I was thinking about the politically corrupt state of Malaysia and how freedom of speech is constantly being censored or criminalised,” says May. “I think having the freedom to speak up against unjust practices is a basic human right and can contribute towards equality and peace. In comparison, Australia has it pretty good but some countries are more heavily oppressed than others, so I wanted to write a song that brings awareness to that.”

Be aware. WildnFree has a dear Malaysian friend who endured outrageously unjust abuse at the hands of the Malaysian police. She posts this track in her honour. Thanks for starting an important conversation May Lyn.

Keep an eye out for her debut EP Escape coming out soon, and BNEers, catch her live on the dates below.


Saturday, June 10 | Hot Chicks with Big Brains Issue #3 Launch @ The Zoo, Brisbane

Friday, June 30 | TORA ‘Take A Rest’ AUS Tour | Supported by Mookhi and May Lyn

@ The Brightside, Brisbane

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