Melbourne Music Week Choir

Don’t be sad about Trump and racism and gender inequality, come join the Melbourne Music Week Choir, a Self-Made event brought to you by JBL. Co-presented with Melbourne Indie Voices and yours truly WildnFree, there’s quite frankly never been a better time to show up, join in and have your voice heard.

In a fun and easy choir-singing workshop, local indie-pop musician (and undisputed legend) Phia and Melbourne Indie Voices will teach you to sing Forces, a gorgeous track by MMW 2016 artists Japanese Wallpaper and Airling, along with the opportunity to learn extra Melbourne Indie Voices songs by local songwriters Husky and Banoffee.  Book your ticket and look forward to something totally fun.

At 3pm, take your newly learned choir skills straight to the Melbourne Music Week Hub outdoor stage, where you can join Melbourne Indie Voices live. Expertly guided by choir leader Phia, you’ll be singing your heart out onstage like you never thought possible. WildnFree can guarantee you’ll have a fab time standing together with friends, feeling free.

Here’s the song, learn the lyrics. ‘Cos I’ve been thinking ’bout it, and I’ve been dreaming ’bout you, won’t do a thing about this, cos I don’t want to ruin you” …. come sing this if you’re heartsick and worried and not sure what to do next in a world this crazy.

Study up and see you there:


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