Mossy ~ Electric Chair

Delightful intrigue awaits you thanks to Mossy, a Sydney producer recently signed to IOU via a basement studio in NY’s Lower East Side. Sigh, doesn’t that just sound like a dream come true? Mossy’s spent a year working and living in the aforementioned basement studio coming up with psychedelic electro-pop beauties with producer Dean Tuza, including tonight’s featured track Electric Chair.

Mossy’s not just a musician with mad skillz, he’s spent many a year acting in films and stage plays alongside dead-set luminaries like Willem Dafoe and Geoffrey Rush. So, interpreting the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo in this epic video clip was clearly no great stretch for Mossy, watch it and see what I mean. Directed by Kris Moyes, Mossy also shows up as a not-bad dancer with good ab-rolling moves. Is there anything this man cannot do?!

Keep an ear out for Mossy’s EP dropping on May 13. Check it Narcissus and Echo starring Mossy and his co-starring dancing beauty now:

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