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Surely there’s no one in the world who doesn’t have their own secret stash of musical heroes? One of WildnFree‘s most foolproof ways of finding new music is simply to find out who inspires the artists she loves, track them down and then voila, new favourite songs magically appear. Like following a trail back in time, it’s never failed me once. Melbourne indie-folk beauty Ariela Jacobs, a lady with the most evocative voice, shares her own music inspirations, both local and global. I’m hitting up Spotify now to follow up this new gold.

Over to you Ariela!

Below are a few of my musical inspirations, both local and international. I’m really in love with music that is raw and simple, and driven purely by vocal and lyrical content.

Local Inspirations

Ben Abraham

I heard Ben’s album Sirens prior to working with producer Jono Steer on my forthcoming EP Yesteryear. After hearing the work between the two, I knew I had to ask Jono to lend his craft. Abraham’s Speak is a beautiful blend of something new and something old. It has glimpses of Simon & Garfunkel, punctuated with more new-age drums and subtle, electronic beats. The song evokes a sense of longing and his pure voice lends so well to the execution of prayer. Ben’s voice could be the male version of Higgins; and for me, this is a very good thing.

Missy Higgins 

I’ve probably been a Missy Higgins fan from the beginning. I could have also posted each one of her compilations on here.

Somewhere, is one of Higgins’ newest compositions and it hits me straight in the heart each time I listen. Lyrically it tackles the theme of longing for answers and self-discovery, and I guess being a Gen-Y soul, I instinctively do this to my brain on a daily basis. It is so simple, yet so powerful – and that’s what I love about music, less can always be more.

Global Inspiration


I love Fink. I love everything he does. His voice is like butter, his guitar is like butter. There’s nothing really more to be said.

Ane Brun

One of my most listened songs on my iTunes. I truly believe that Ane Brun is a genius. It still amazes me that the entire production is based purely on one ukelele chord and bass drum. The film clip also makes me pretty happy; I feel like these are the images that my head showcases whilst I sleep.

Thank you Ariela! Gold stars for this beautiful line she wrote about Ben Abraham – “…his pure voice lends so well to the execution of prayer.”  Respect.

Now let’s listen to the lady herself, enjoy latest track Sandman from forthcoming EP Yesteryear due for release next year. Feel her beautiful voice get under your skin right now:

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