Ngaiire ~ House On A Rock

Oh Ngaiire, your new music video for House On A Rock is so gorgeously stark and poignant. Director Dan Segal has created a jarring black and white beauty seething with the torrid emptiness of a failed, contemptuous relationship. Shot in Tel Aviv, Israel; the clip perfectly captures Ngaiire and ex-lover trapped in a mess of abandonment, disappointment and pain. Ouch, it hurts just to watch.

Showering together with backs turned, lying side by side glowering with contempt, casting filthy looks over the narrow streets of Tel Aviv, Ngaiire and her ex show the raw, disturbing and uncomfortable side of relationship breakdowns, so often played out behind closed doors. “I just want to stop here” sings Ngaiire, in her all-powerful vocal.”I wanna get off, I’ll walk the rest of way.”  With a manic treble key strike chiming all throughout, you’ll be driven to unhinged sorrow as you watch.


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