Noah Slee ~ Rampant Wild Free

Although it was released ages ago, a song called Rampant Wild Free by Kiwi future soul has been brought to WildnFree‘s attention thanks to sweet new ‘will they-won’t they’ music video. Noah Slee catches the vibe of these two holy words, what all hearts long to be, throws in a ‘rampant’ and gives the phrase a whole new urgent spin. WildnFree is not considering chucking a ‘rampant’ in the URL and renaming the whole shebang, but she loves seeing the words appear, in whatever form, to express whatever needs expression.

“This passion is a curse I know, never ever have I felt this way so fast, rampant wild free, ‘cos I want you wild” he sings, in the smoothest of soul voices, putting it all out there with the most divine honesty. Playing cat and mouse with a girl in the Berlin darkness, it’s never really clear whether or not he gets the one who feels this way about. WildnFree guesses he would sure would have provided he wasn’t a fool, cowboy or a coward.

It ain’t that hard.C

Created with the help of a team of friends and collaborators, including creative director Tala_Who(?) and self-taught videographer Sam Templeton, shows the tentative missteps and mishaps and angst of a raw attraction, while showing glimpses of Noah’s life in Berlin.


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