Owen Rabbit ~ Denny’s

Stop being SO FRICKIN’ CUTE Owen Rabbit. Stop, or else the ladies may go wild… just giving you a personal warning out of the kindness of WildnFree‘s heart.  To see what I mean, watch this darling scratchy old-school VHS-style vid for new track Denny’s. Featuring Mr Rabbit himself aged 3, this lil’ bunny mosies about life doing absolutely shit all as 3-year-olds are commonly known to do. Mum and Dad’s old video footage makes for brilliant music video clip material here, celebrating the times when life was far simpler and sometimes, much more fun.

Playing with sticks, doing some mopping, randomly dialling an old phone, wandering about in big red pants, washing the car, doing some painting in a slick navy smock, randomly opening and shutting doors, looking at cows; there’s nothing this kid can’t and won’t do.  The best moment clocks in at 0.55 seconds, when little Bunny tries out taking a giant leap. Or is it the gumboots moment at 2:09? The clip finishes off with junior Rabbit flying off in a light plane with Dad. What a sweet little ripper.

With over 76,000 plays on SoundCloud in under 3 weeks, the song’s clearly a massive ripper too.  Listen to it on SoundCloud below, just to add to the counts, and watch the stupidly adorable video now:

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