Phoebe Dubar ~ Pushing On

Welcome back to WildnFree beautiful readers, may 2018 already be taking you straight down the pathway to your heart’s desire.

Given the seriousness of the conversations happening at the moment within the Australian music scene, now’s a good time to say again that WildnFree is a safe place, one where stories are told with truthfulness, respect and care, and songs are shared in the spirit of celebration and wonderment. Since all forms of abuse are contrary to the experience of being happily wild and free, none will ever be tolerated here. Quite simply, all forms of diversity are welcome.

With the 2018 housekeeping now done, let’s get down to business with a super on point retro jam from Melbourne’s Phoebe Dubar, a boogie-fest called Pushing On featuring Operatives member/Condensed Milk co-founder Amin Payne  on production. An anthem to positivity and resilience, this song is all keeping going, moving forward, getting on with it, i.e. pushing on, just like we all do and all can even when it hurts.

Going solo after fronting galactic soul breaks trio PASSERINE  and a bunch of other bands, Phoebe’s mega soul vocal slides right over the chubby beats like a match made in heaven.  An accomplished solo debut for sure and the perfect jam to start the year.

Dance it out:


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