Planet ~ Save.Sold

Sydney pop-gazers Planet release pscyh-jam Save.Sold and prepare to tour the UK as support for the DMA’S, plus prepare for a quick show upstairs at the Gaso this Friday night. WildnFree talks to lead singer Matty Took to get more info on the band, the tour and the rocking Save.Sold. 

Planet! Tell me all about who you are and who inspired you to make music.

We are a pop-gaze, four piece from inner Sydney – big fans of writing catching tunes with honest lyrics. We all would have pretty different inspirations. Mine would of started at a young age through my father who was always blaring cool shit at top volume on long drives, but musically (to name a few) would be The War on Drugs, Wilco and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Save.Sold got me from the start with that shimmery jangly intro.  What’s the song about and who was involved in making it?  

I personally want listeners to gain their own understanding of what the song is about, rather than telling them as everyones experience’s are completely different. Save.Sold started as a joke riff chord progression, that I used to play in a Bossa Nova style. I recorded it down and then tried to write any riff that could fit over it, and ended coming up with that shimmery jangly picking riff. We brought the song to the pre-production process for our debut EP. It was a favourite and sounded great from the get-go.

I hear your last Melbourne gig at Yah Yah’s was a bit rowdy.Will you be repeating this reported rowdiness at the Gaso down the road on March 30?

Yeah that show was great, awesome turn out for a our first time headlining in Melbourne – love the 1am slots. I’m sure something weird’s gonna go down at The Gasometer.

You’re almost about to take off to the UK to tour with DMA’s – on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you?

I’m sure we are all pretty excited to get out of Australia for a bit to be honest, let alone to play 21 support shows, 3 confirmed headliners and a couple of more sideshows throughout the UK/EU. Will be a great experience for us and I’m sure when we come back for the EP our we will be tight as fuck.

What’s your hot tip on Sydney bands at the moment – who should we be watching out for?

Sunscreen, CLEWS, BLAND, Leroy Francis to name a few…

There you go. All the info.




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