Premiere ~ Dumb Dog ~ Hyper Adolescence

Melbourne’s Dumb Dog offer up juvenile psych-rock goodness in latest track Hyper Adolescence, a low-fi slack jam brimming with the very highest quality young-dumb-full-of-cum style vibe.

Directed by Matt Solomon, the Hyper Adolescence music video premiering right now on WildnFree stars a legend skater boi dressed in a Life Be In It t-shirt, black tracky dacks and lace-up skates no doubt stolen from some outer suburban rollerama, cruising the familiar streets of inner-north Carlton, blissfully singing along to Hyper Adolescence with no fucks’ given whatsoever.

The whole package is sublimely chilled and well worth adding to your backyard summer party playlist. Check out more of the butt-sniffing, tail-chasing goodness on their debut EP Old Bone and catch them live at The Old Bar this Friday 15 December for the Clip Launch Celebratory Rock Concert with support from mates Travallay, Baby Blue and Househats. Bring your own leash and flea powder.




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