Premiere ~ Hannah Cameron ~ Just Leave Me Here

Feel heard and understood with Hannah Cameron’s gentle folk release Just Leave Me Here, premiering right here on WildnFree. The second single from sophomore album I Lay Where You Lie, this soft fingerpicking reflection on hopelessness and dejection, comfort and consolation, is a meditative song of solace offering no solutions, only love.    

Since releasing her debut album Blow My House Down two years ago,  Hannah’s been writing, recording and touring with local musicians Clio and On Diamond while preparing for her second album release. She answers some questions from WildnFree about the lessons behind Just Leave Me Here, her continual growth as a songwriter and a little cheeky thing called the Sax Orchestra™. 

WF: This is a raw and beautiful song, can you tell me how it came about and what it’s about?

HC: Just Leave Me Here was inspired by a conversation with a friend who was feeling let down by the world. It’s a song about feelings of hopelessness and dejection but it was actually written as a song of comfort and consolation. Seeing someone you love in pain is a difficult thing and my instinct is always to try and provide compelling reasons for why “everything will be okay”. I think this conversation made me realise that I wasn’t being asked for solutions and that what they needed was to be heard and to feel understood. Writing this song was my way of trying to communicate that I was listening.

WF: How have you grown and changed as an artist and songwriter since your last album?  

HC: I think that as a songwriter I’ve become surer of myself and more trusting in my process. It’s easy to live in fear of being derivative and to let that hinder creativity while it’s still in its infancy and that’s something I’ve struggled with in the past. With this album I allowed myself to run with my influences and to see where they took me. Lyrically, I’ve become more interested in writing about other people’s experiences and using songwriting as a bit of an “exercise in empathy”.

WF: What was the best moment you had writing and recording your new music?

HC: I recorded the album over a year with James Gilligan and having the luxury of time meant that there were a lot of special moments dotted throughout. If I had to pick one highlight it would probably be the moment we unmuted all of Kieran Hensey’s solo saxophone tracks on No Pen of Mine and realised that they made this incredible sax orchestra. I’m thinking of trademarking Sax Orchestra before it takes off…

WF: What can we look forward to hearing in I Lay Where You Lie?

HC: More Sax Orchestra™. And other incredible performances by a cast of my absolute favourite musicians and humans (James Gilligan, Leigh Fisher, Kieran Hensey, Clio Renner, Louis King and Johnny Bassoon).

WF: How do you keep yourself creatively nourished and inspired?    

HC: Playing music with friends such as those listed above is endlessly inspiring. Going to shows, talking to people about music and other creative pursuits, getting lessons, watching friends and strangers do incredible things with their art.

Be creatively inspired by this sparse and gentle beauty, beautifully shot and edited by Andy Johnson:



7th December

Golden Age Cinema and Bar

with Bonniesongs


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