Premiere ~ Jumbo Mavis ~ Bloodstream

If you’re absolutely ready to lose your shit, Melbourne duo Jumbo Mavis have the perfect piece of fiery rock ‘n’ roll dynamite to totally get loose to right now. A rowdy mix of rock, blues and soul, debut single Bloodstream sizzles with the type of crazy, pent-up energy of a man under the pump needing just a little more time to let the magic unfold. 

A rowdy mix of rock, blues and a little bit of soul, Bloodstream sizzles with buzz, horn-heavy bliss and the type of blasting, in-your-face energy that’ll set you alight. Let the bubbling guitar riff get under your skin and make you dance everything out. Exploring the familiar stifling struggles of a relationship needing some freedom and space to work, Bloodstream explodes it upwards and outwards as only high-energy rock ‘n’ roll can.

Written and produced by Jumbo Mavis’ Woody Pitney and David Ross and mastered by Adam Dempsey, Bloodstream is a funky bombshell perfect for a bandroom dancefloor, or pumping up loud in your car, or even artfully sending to your girlfriend/boyfriend if you’ve just gotta say “I need a little time before you get in my bloodstream” but you just don’t know how.

The first track off their debut EP due for release in late 2017, Bloodstream gives an awesome taste of what Jumbo Mavis have hidden up their sleeve. Since Bloodstream will no doubt go off live, head to the single launch on May 28 at The Workers Club, Melbourne.

Get into it:

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