Premiere ~ Ka-tya ~ I Flee

WildnFree is super happy to premiere Melbourne dark-pop sage Ka-tya‘s epic new track I Flee. Feel the urge to run wild with Ka-tya and her make-believe companions, swept along by the agitating keys, relentless bass and Ka-tya’s rocketing vocals. Deeply imaginative and perfectly unhinged, I Flee will compel you to ditch reality and run straight towards your happy place. The lady behind Ka-tya, the lovely Katia Pshenichner, spoke to WildnFree about I Flee, her intriguing Soviet childhood, plus her July 17 debut EP launch show at The Workers Club you should absolutely go to.

WF:  I Flee is manic, intense and flavoured by unhinged keys. What’s it all about? 

K: I wrote the first few lines of the melody and lyrics when I was a kid. Back then, I used to avoid piano practice by fiddling with melodies and chords on the piano and putting together little odd songs. I recently found the bit of paper with this song idea scribbled on it and decided to finish it.

As a kid (and a single child) I spent a lot of time by myself in Fantasyland and with imaginary friends. This song is about loneliness and escaping reality

WF: Your songs carries memories of your Soviet childhood, where you undertook rigorous classical piano training. What a story! Tell me more.

K: I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine (but back then it was still the USSR). We lived in a huge grey apartment block like everyone else. My grandparents built a little brick cottage in the country, where I spent many unsupervised days picking mushrooms in the nearby forest.

The music school where I learned piano was in the basement of a Soviet-style concrete building. I started learning piano when I was four.  During the first lesson my teacher told me that when I play, I should make a little house with my hand so that a tiny mouse could live there. The training there was intense for a 4-year old. Lessons twice a week, aural training, solfege. I loved it though! My family and I moved to Australia when I was nine, and I continued to learn piano from an exceptional teacher called Vera Krupnikova.

WF: You recorded your debut EP Skye Above during a bleak Berlin winter. Sounds wonderful. 

K: I recorded the EP with my friend and producer Josh Teicher early last year in Berlin, where he was living at the time. It was cold and grey and provided the perfect backdrop to the dark and moody songs that recorded. Josh is a magician when it comes to getting the best out of a song. The songs underwent a mighty metamorphosis with his input. It was fun!

WF: Who are some of your favourite local bands right now? Who’s your fave international artists? 

K: I’m excited about Phia. She is releasing her new album soon, I’ve had a sneak listen to some of the tracks and they’re awesome! I love Regina Spektor’s music and her story is similar to mine. I’m also into Feist, Radiohead, Rufus Wainwright.

WF: You’re launching Skye Above at The Workers Club on July 17. Who’s playing with you? 

K: I’ve got an amazing band playing with me; Josh Teicher (guitar/bass guitar), Nic Lam (synths), Nick Martyn (drums), Amy Bandeira and Sam Sequeira (backing vocals).  And I’ve got two wonderful support acts, Las Mar, which is the solo project of my drummer Nick Martyn, and Eilish Gilligan.

Sounds fab Ka-tya. Go to the Facebook event page now for all the details.

Now get ready to go a little wild with I Flee:

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