Premiere ~ RAT!Hammock ~ Pam

Melbourne 90s-inspired lo-fi rockers RAT!Hammock premiere their excellent debut EP Pam right now on WildnFree.  With debut single Mary The Chair described by triple j’s Dave Ruby Howe as “a charmingly bent bit of sunshine,”  there’s plenty more charm, bentness and sunshine on this super impressive bunch of tracks.  WildnFree was compelled to find out more about this promising bunch of rockers from lead singer Jackson Phelan.

WF: RAT!Hammock – who are you and why are you making music?!

JP: We’re Jackson, Tom, Jack and Mickey from the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We make music because Pavement and The Pixies did it. Pam was recorded by the one and only Sam Swain at Los Bomberos Studios in Northcote in two days last December.

WF:  What’s the band been up to since then?  

JP: We’ve been busy over the last couple of months playing all over Melbs. A few highlights have been our Ding Dong Lounge residency and supporting Tiny Little Houses sold out single launch at Howler. At our launch this Thursday upstairs at the Gaso, you can hear all of the material from Pam as well as a whole bunch of new tunes that will come out on our next EP in early 2018.

WF: What are your fave Melb bands right now? 

JP: We love Hannah Blackburn who sings all over the EP, plus Porpoise Spit and Tali Mahoney who are supporting on Thursday. Jarrow who is killing it. Alexander Biggs who has just put his debut EP out, it’s full of heart-wrench anthems. Way Dynamic are a fave. And of course our bff’s Tiny Little Houses.

Catch these obvious legends with great taste launching Pam on September 28 upstairs at The Gasometer Hotel.


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