The Pretty Littles ~ Don Dale

If you haven’t already, make sure you listen to The Pretty Littles  Don Dale loud and clear. Referring to the Northern Territory youth detention centre made notorious by the abuse of young Aboriginal inmate Dylan Voller, the boy shown shackled in a chair and gagged by a spit hood on the ABC’s Four Corners‘ episode Australia’s ShameDon Dale captures the disgrace of it all in a powerful piece of punk that actually gives a shit.

The band says that Don Dale is an attempt at empathising with kids in such institutions, while at the same time acknowledging that they could never know the actual horrors faced by the human beings detained in such places. Watch Australia’s Shame to see what they mean, and get informed if you’re not already.


The Pretty Littles live

Northcote Social Club Thursday May 29 with Black Rock Band

Beach Sounds Festival July 14 in Lennox (headline)

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