Professor Paul ~ Flo

Enjoy a little rap-sax intrigue in flo, the new single from Brisbane’s Professor Paula 19 year old rapper-producer who woke up one morning and realised – “literally the best thing I’ve got is the rap that I do.” As far as morning epiphanies go, Professor Paul’s is a pretty damn good one.

So says ‘Professor’ Paul Thomas Hillier, “flo literally emerged one morning as I was making beats. It was around 7am and I was in my room jamming when all of a sudden I hit a state of flow, completely under the influence of creativity for an hour. By the time I came down, I had this groovy bass line sittin’ real nice with a Mac Miller-inspired jazz progression featuring Rhodes keys with a beat that simply just sat phat with the track. The lyrics were adapted a week later, and I felt immediately open to expressing myself.  Adding the sax solo has been my favourite part and with more punchin’ horn lines I’ve fallen in love with it over and over.”

Sir, WildnFree gives you a high distinction for surrendering to the Creative Force, plus extra bonus points for the sax solo. Love your work.


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