Qualia ~ Keep Me In Mind

Acquaint yourself with two self-described attention seeking weirdos known together as Qualia, Melbourne’s latest sweet-electro duo producing soft jams to love. Debut track Keep Me In Mind caught attention over at triple j Unearthed, and rightly so, coz it’s a beauty.

With soft calls for kisses, Qualia’s Giorgia Deslandes and Charlie Ford express vulnerability and tenderness through the sweetest of slow synth-vibes. Two perfectly balanced voices colour the mellow instrumentation, leaving you almost buckling under the emotional weight.  Qualia say, “The song is about longing for the return of a feeling that’s no longer there, you can place it but it won’t quite come back to you in the same way. This applies to relationships, experiences, and certain time periods that we look back on fondly, romanticising them and wishing things didn’t have to change. Produced by Henry Waldren from Wallflower, Qualia really couldn’t have offered a stronger debut if they tried.

To introduce themselves further, Giorgia and Charlie explain they “met in 2016, quickly establishing an instant musical connection and song writing partnership. Studying jazz and contemporary music and film and television respectively, we wanted to create an all-encompassing work of creative expression, combining all the creative skills and techniques they have honed over the years.”

Welcome Qualia! Keep making beautiful songs like Keep Me In Mind.


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