REMI ~ My People ft Thando

Local hip-hop lords REMI return with My People featuring Thando, a ripping little danceable jam illustrated rich and bright by a music vid celebrating family, those you love and are bound by through blood, or in this case, by choice.

“This video goes out to family,” says by REMI’s beat king Sensible J. “Whether blood or not. This video goes out to all the cats who have held me down and rode with me through whatever. This video goes out to all the people who have had their identities written for them and are in the process of reclaiming their narrative. This video goes out to my black family who were there through every step of this process; creating, supporting and sharing. This video goes out to my extended family who helped to bring our creativity to light. This video was made by a community for community and I take very little credit for how it came together.”

Frontman Remi Kolawole says, “The most beautiful thing about this song, is that it was about family and I got to create it with family. Sensible J, as always, blessed the production. It’s forever inspiring when those closest to you just get better and better. Then J and I got to link with Thando on the vocals. She is so dope, her skill, energy and mind are on another level. So lucky to have worked together. And finally my brothers Yusuf Harare and Hussein did some sneaky harmonies, adlibs and the intro for the joint. So now when I hear the track all I can hear is fam.”

Melbourne MC Baro adds, “I just wanted to showcase my beautiful family whilst centering diversity and blackness in this film clip, which is rarely done in this country. Make it just a wholesome celebration of the song the guys made which was a sonic celebration in itself”.

WildnFree could not have said it any better herself.

Soak up the love:


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