Rest In Peace ~ Leonard Cohen

There can be no other post today on WildnFree. This is a message of love sent straight to the spirit of Leonard Cohen. Sir, thank you so much for comforting me during my darkest times. Thank you for coaxing me back into poetry, an art I’d long shut down within myself, because I knew no poets to teach me. You made my notebook scribblings legit in my eyes. 

Thank you for gracefully bearing through my so-flippant adolescent preference for Bob Dylan, the mixtapes my friend gave me were full of your deep growly voice songs, and to be quite honest, you scared me a bit, so I ran. We didn’t meet again until later, when I ‘discovered’ the pure and awesome art of your late-blooming masterpiece The Songs Of Leonard Cohen.  I would take your songs down to my place by the Yarra, in my favourite spot by Johnston Street, and fancy myself as Suzanne, feeding you tea and oranges. The lulling opening chimes of Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye are so gentle they drop me straight into peace, despite the loss and sorrow you express. And Teachers! Are you the teacher of my heart? Yes, you are Sir. Are my lessons done? No. Never. 

But my favourite song of yours? It’s always The Guests.  

One by one, the guests arrive

The guests are coming through

The open-hearted many

The broken-hearted few

And no one knows where the night is going

And no one knows why the wine is flowing

Oh love, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, oh

I need you now

In these awful dark few days, no one knows where we’re the fuck we’re going. We’re the broken-hearted many. You though Sir, are going straight to heaven.
With love from all who love you.

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