Melbourne industrial dream-pop trio RKDA is creeping WildnFree the fuck out with their striking debut EP CS. Dark, dystopian and almightily atmospheric, these four tracks are a sci-fi soundtrack in waiting, and best listened to in the dark, hidden under the covers, for maximum shit-scariness.

First track Quartz layers deep and heavy synths with vocals alternating between strong and strident to sweetly choir-like. Softer interludes mid-song and in the closing moments add to the emotional confusion prompted by lyrical promises NOT to ‘wake up the dead’. The strangely compelling closing riff and sweet vocal touches bleed into the beginning of Lenanshee, where the vocals add another intriguing element to the mix. Sweet, circling glee-club style vocal bops towards the end take the track’s off-beat, off-kilter vibe off the charts.  

Frontline slows things into more languid territory, battling with heartbreakingly familiar insecurities. “I can’t let myself fall, and I can’t lose to you” goes the lyrics, expressing that most common agony in the way only music can. Coffee brings the beat back up to sheer danceable jam flavoured with vocal taunts, dark synths and fairground chimes.

Fully relentless, CS never once lets you off the hook with its disconcerting edginess. Go see these legends live at the Riot Expert label launch at the Shebeen on March 28. Be prepared for a brilliant ride:

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