The Royal Parks ~ Suburb Home

Melbourne! Even though you’re at the goddamn arse end of the world, WildnFree loves you with all her heart. Indie-folk locals The Royal Parks clearly do too. New track Suburb Home is a shimmering and majestic love song to your sprawl, your triple-fronted brick veneers, your square 70s flats, your McMansions, your ‘housing commissions’, your single-fronted Victorians, your negatively-geared dog boxes, your Federation beauties, your Ramsay Streets. Melburnians, watch this beautiful video and see if you recognise yourself. Listen to this Noah Georgeson produced beauty and see if you feel any pride.

It’s sometimes hard to feel any pride in living here in hometown Melbz. Wrenched from our homelands due to poverty or war, born on Wurundjeri lands far to the South, WildnFree feels deeply the shame and disgrace of living on stolen land, violently seized, never once ceded by the traditional custodians so decimated by genocide. We have a problem with the G-word Australia. Yes, we did ‘it’, and we benefit from it every single day. We stole everything and killed all we could, took their children and locked them up. We do it now. White people – let’s confront it, own it, humbly apologise for it and then ask as best we can for forgiveness.

Then, IMHO, we should we start asking the following questions – why were the traditional owners of this land, the oldest continuing culture on earth, so systematically targeted for destruction by the British? Was it just a simple greedy land grab? Or was it something else? What ancient wisdom did they hold? What knowledge did they keep? Most importantly – what did they know? Can we please start asking these questions?

So says The Royal Parks:

The Royal Parks acknowledge and pay respect to the people of the Kulin Nations, on whose land we live across Melbourne. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

WildnFree wholeheartedly agrees, and thanks the Kulin Nations for so graciously, and with such dignity, hosting her lifetime on their lands. She also thank The Royal Parks for offering such an honest, beautiful tribute to this wretched stolen city.

Shot by obvious legend Tearlach Wales, watch and think and feel and honour and reflect and go down on your knees and ask for forgiveness:

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