Melbourne electronic duo SAATSUMA have a gorgeous glitchy new black and white music vid for Stay for your pleasure. Exploring the irrationality of desire and the process of losing yourself in a fight to obtain the unattainable, Stay was directed and conceptualized by Dyllan Corbett and shot by collaborator Tom Chapman.
Dyllan says, “Following on from the previous release Isolate, I wanted to find a common ground thematically- carrying on this recurring theme in the lyrics of self-consciousness and reflection. The aim was to strike a balance between the digital and analogue VHS effects. By degrading layers of the VHS tape and syncing glitches live to the beat, I think we were able to appropriate the zeitgeist of VHS but in a more nuanced way.”  Agreed Dyllan, WildnFree sees flashes of a crumpled tape chewed by a malfunctioning VCR, a truly late 20th century cultural experience if there ever was one.   
Written and produced by Memphis Kelly and Cesar Rodrigues, a man most highly distinguished as the long-suffering moderator of handy Melbourne Facebook group Where Are Our Mates – Melbourne’s PT Ticket Wardens’ today?, Stay was mixed by Dream Kit (Declan Kelly), mastered by Lachlan Carrick and is available here for you right now. 


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