Seavera ~ Make Me Uncomfortable

Feel moved and awakened by Melbourne duo Seavera‘s striking new release Make Me Uncomfortable. A folktronic rainstorm of deep and courageous contemplation, Make Me Uncomfortable  is described as “an elegy to the kind of people who live daringly, the ones that aren’t afraid to challenge themselves, to seek honesty, truth and authenticity in the way that they choose to live.” 

The final single off debut EP releasing on March 2, mixed by Simon Lam and mastered by Andrei Eremin, Make Me Uncomfortable is a certified WildnFree heartbreaker exploring the deepest of fearful longings, calling out the poignant fact, over and over in the song’s gentle closing, that everyone is, sadly, scared of genuine connection.

Seavera’s Tori Zietsch, the lady responsible for that unforgettable vocal, explains,  ‘For a while I clung to this false idea that I could be in control of what I let affect me. On the outside I was projecting this semblance of calm and stability, but in reality, I became so disengaged that I almost felt like I wasn’t human anymore. I wanted so badly to be challenged, to be questioned, and to be stunned until I would finally permit myself to let down my defences and be vulnerable for a moment. Every so often we meet someone who inspires us to live more authentically, to listen to ourselves more deeply, and this song was written about one of these awakenings.’

Bandmate Daniel Pinkerton adds,  ‘Make Me Uncomfortable is a special song on the EP. At times for me it has been devastating, in not only the enormity of taking on board the emotion that courses through it, but also matching the power of what we finally captured with our belief in its message. When we got the final mix right and I heard that chorus like it was the first time, I felt like I was soaring, and I knew we had taken it where it needed to go.’

You got it Seavera, this is wholeheartedly beautiful. No wonder they won the recent Pieater competition to spend a few days workshopping, recording, mixing, and mastering a track in their newly built recording studio ‘Bellbird’, the best shopfront on Hoddle Street, Collingwood, by far.  The special track, worked through with Pieater celebs Tom Iansek and Jo Syme of Big Scary and Tom Fraser from Pieaterwill be released later in 2018

Catch Seavera supporting Woodes on the dates below. Now listen: 


Friday March 2nd – Leadbelly, Sydney

Saturday March 3rd – The Toff In Town, Melbourne

Saturday March 10th – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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