Sessility ~ Plaza

Check Melbourne vocalist/producer Sessility‘s Soundcloud page for smooth new track Plaza and you’ll soon find hashtags #NeoSoul #Pop, #SoftPop, #R&B #Gentle….and #NorthcotePlaza. “I’ve been feeling down, when I’ve been feeling down” sings Sessility, formerly of Townhouses, perhaps having written the lyrics in the Plaza’s drab Cafe Espresso, eating a hamburger while glumly looking out over the carpark.

WildnFree can’t help but storyboard the film clip in her head.  Sessility flicking through the CDs at Sight and Sound. Sessility weighing out one nut at a time at Plaza Nuts and Lollies. Sessility embraced, in slow motion, by elderly Italian men at Thyme to Eat Cafe. Sessility watching a boot sole being hammered by Shoe Guy. Sessility confused, unable to find Liquorland. Sessility trudging over the crossing, resigned to buying cheap booze at Aldi.

She can’t help it, Plaza just has that type of lazy, evocative, melancholic beauty that gets your imagination spinning. Mastered by local champ YeoPlaza is the first single from forthcoming EP out later this year, featuring collabs with Yeo and soul talent Kira Piru.

Listen and let your mind wander:

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