Slum Sociable ~ Castle

Following their unbelievably courageous disclosure of mental health issues, Melbourne’s brave-as-fuck duo Slum Sociable release a lovely and poignant piano version of current single Castle plus a bunch of Australian tour dates across December.

Lead singer Miller Upchurch, a man with a spectacularly vocal, shared the following on Facebook a week or two ago:

Dear everyone,

Miller here.

You may have noticed a lack of presence and activity from us over the last six months, which has not been intentional. I’m writing this to open up a discussion on mental health, and to take what I think is a step in the right direction when it comes to facing something like depression, by being open and honest about it, instead of hiding from it and everyone I care about. Over the last ten months I have been struggling with depression, to the point where I feel overwhelmed every day, and almost anything could send me into a downward spiral where I retreat from the world and have a shit time, doing nothing but thinking about all the negative aspects of my life. In times like those it’s practically impossible to find any motivation to do anything or see my life as worthwhile.

It’s unfortunate and regrettable that it has affected our productivity over the last six months and as a result we’ve made a decision to move the release of our debut album to Friday 24 November. That is the reality of it, it affects people’s work, families and lives every day, and in being someone who struggles with it, all I want is to be able to help those who don’t feel like they can or know how to help themselves, by opening up about my own battle.

We send thanks and love to our fans for understanding. I don’t know where I’d be without knowing so many people enjoy the music we make.

Miller (& Ed)

The bravery is real. Even though the mental health conversation is far more open that it used to be, it still takes balls to be that honest. Thank you Miller for that game-changing statement.

 Catch them live on the dates below, patiently await their debut self-titled album releasing on November 24 via Liberation Records. Pre-Order available here
Now enjoy this gorgeous version of Castle:

Friday 1 December

Oxford Art Factory | Sydney NSW
Tickets here

Saturday 2 December

The Corner Hotel | Melbourne VIC
Tickets here

Friday 8 December

Jack Rabbit Slims | Perth WA
Tickets here

Saturday 9 December

Fat Controller | Adelaide SA
Tickets here

Thursday 14 December

The Foundry | Brisbane QLD
Tickets here

Saturday 16 December

Hobart Brewery | Hobart TAS
Tickets here

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