SMILE ~ Boundless Plains To Share

After listening to Boundless Plains To Share by Melbourne’s own SMILE, WildnFree now proposes that all further political commentary on Australia’s refugee disgrace should be made in the form of banging retro 90s rock.  Let’s put mega-powerful amps around the camps on Manus Island and Nauru and blast down the fences, letting the people dance free to this song’s catchy beat. SMILE, I’m putting you in charge of this mission. Get on it.

Fabulous international readers of Melbourne’s WildnFree, the song title refers to a line in the Australian national anthem which shamelessly states, ‘For those who’ve come across the sea, we’ve boundless plains to share’. If you check out our record on asylum seekers reaching our shores by boat, this statement simply ain’t so.

But let’s not dwell there for long. See if you can keep your shoulder still while listening to the catchy descending bass riff, you’ll be popping it in no time I bet.

Go play this outside your Federal MP’s office right now:
Catch SMILE at:

Highlands Music Festival, Australia
Friday 30 October –Sunday 2 November
Paradise Music Festival, Australia
Friday 27 –Sunday 29 November
Lake Mountain Resort

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