Sonder Saloon ~ Who You Are

Since it’s Christmas time, WildnFree is spoiling herself with posts of beautiful indie-folk, her favourite kind of songs. Los Angeles’ own Sonder Saloon do the honours tonight with the deep and ethereal Who You Are.

Banjo, man-harmonies and a vocal performance on the chorus punching you right in the guts gives this song a beautiful weight, like there’s plenty of sorrow behind it. “Show me who you are, I’ll show you what I am, I’ll tell you how I feel, I’ll break your heart in two, tonight.” Ah, like all good indie-folk heartbreakers, it hurts in a good way to hear it.   

Sonder Saloon are Kenny Sanders and twin brothers Gary and Kaspar Kazazian all the way from LA. After a month in a secluded cabin in the Utah mountains, the band wrote debut EP Makinaw from which Who You Are is taken. 

Listen now and love it:

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