Stella Donnelly ~ Thrush Metal

Be beautifully moved by Perth singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly‘s debut EP Thrush Metal. A stripped-back version of Julia Jacklin, Stella uses only one voice plus one guitar to give life to five simple tracks. Telling the sweetest and harshest of stories, Thrush Metal cloaks you in a warmth and intimacy  reminiscent of a winter’s open mic night at the pub.

Of opening track Mechanical Bull, Stella says “This song touches on my experience of working in pubs which as a female can be really tough. I’ve been asked by a male customer how much I would cost to hire for the night, I have also been groped multiple times. I realised that a lot of other women share my experiences.”

Women everyone will be struck silent by the familiar story told by second track Boys Will Be Boys, a gentle tune unfolding slowly into a disclosure of the stark horrors of sexual assault – her friend tells her a secret she blames herself for, a magnificence invaded, them saying ‘boys will be boys’, fathers saying women rape themselves. Will our shames ever end?

If Thrush Metal doesn’t completely engross and disarm you with its stark and terrible vulnerability, nothing will.

Listen to the brave and beautiful lady now:

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