Sunrose ~ Fever

Byron Bay psychedelic pop-rock champs Sunrose  release a sweet piece of surfy sunshine in new track Fever, taken from forthcoming debut EP Cosmic Horizon. Fun and sweaty-hot like the shakes, Fever rocks, rollicks and rolls all over the joint, taking you on a journey of wasted and happy delirium.  Written and produced by band with the help of mate and sound engineer Sam Barlett (Grinspoon), Fever‘s an obvious winner and impressive development by a band WildnFree first heard and loved twelve months ago.  

Check out the quality psychedelia on the music video too, which Sunrose says “explores the hallucinating and delirious theme of the song with multiple-layering, dancing flowers, spirals leading to the centre of the earth and coloured oil projections all set over a bed of mesmerising ocean wobble.”  Filmed, edited and produced by friend Ryan Scanlon, Sunrose also duly report that the clip was made with the help of much tequila.

What’s not to love here?

Bring on Cosmic Horizon Sunrose, WildnFree wants more of what you’ve got.


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