Take Your Time ~ Love At First Sight

Ever had that moment? Locked eyes, melted faces, hearts expanded, lives changed? Old mate Kylie sang all about it in Love At First Sight, today beautifully covered by Melbourne duo Take Your Time. Sung as a sultry dance-jazz duet, Love At First Sight turns the original dance-pop vibe down into something way more subtle and sexy.

Take Your Time is the first single from label Healthy Tapes our new compilation, Vol. 1 out June 30th, featuring new tracks from AllumeStella DonnellyYeoYoni and many more. WildnFree is happy to plug the shit out of this compilation, as all proceeds will go to RISE, the first refugee/asylum seeker organisation run and governed by refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees. Having worked closely with refugees, asylum seekers, detainees and ex-detainees in her pre-music writer life as a social worker, WildnFree is right behind these courageous legends of humanity.  

Take Your Time is Angela Schilling (Swimming, Oliver White) and Lee Hannah (the Townhouses, Sessility) and the new single is their first release after their 7” last year through Japanese Wallpaper’s label, Neat Lawn.  About Kylie, the first love of many an 80s/90s Melbourne girl, Angela says,  “Kylie represents some of my most formative years throughout high school, learning about myself and forming a connection to dance music especially. She represented an optimist to a pretty naive and confused teenage me and it’s powerful to relive it again as a cynical adult in need of optimism.”

Cynical adults needing a reason to believe, especially in the fateful magic of love at first sight, listen:


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