Tanaya Harper ~ Graceless

Today, an email arrived about Graceless, the debut track by Perth artist Tanaya Harper.  Just over a year ago, the sender of the email, Perth label Healthy Tapes, sent out a press release regarding an EP called Thrush Metal by an unknown local gal Stella Donnelly.  “If Thrush Metal doesn’t completely engross and disarm you with its stark and terrible vulnerability, nothing will,” said WildnFree.  So the moral of the story is music lovers, always listen to Healthy Tapes.

Graceless strikes as all haunting elegance straight away, coloured simply, starkly and sweetly with layered harmonies and old mate Stella’s soft guitar strums. Taken from her forthcoming EP Some Kinds, the track asks the question amongst other things, will you drift or sink? Given the EP will explore Tanaya’s experiences with depression, anxiety and living with biopolar disorder, we’re given an early window into her raw personal reflections here in Graceless. Is drifting better than sinking? It hardly feels like it.

Take a little moment to stop and take the beauty in nonetheless.


Image: Rachel Claire Field

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