The Harpoons ~ Pressure

There’s a moment in Melbourne soul-pop quartet The Harpoons’ new single Pressure when the whole song opens up. What was originally a seductive, insistent slow groove gives way to a sparkling, luxurious disco beat. This tension and its release is what Pressure –the latest from the four-piece –is all about.

Inspired by the early-hours intensity of a night coming to an end, singer Bec Rigby explains the track captures the pressure that exists in “the deepest corners of sweaty but emptying dancefloors”. It’s a self-assured dance number, and its stripped-back arrangement hints at an underlying urgency that’s threatening to bubble over.

Rigby’s aloof vocals silkily wind their way around the verses, yet underscore a yearning admission: “If I said I didn’t want you /It would be more than a lie.” This is a story of longing and ever-mounting lust: the stuff sweaty, heaving dancefloors are made of. This is the song these late-night floors were made for.

Pressure appears on The Harpoons’ forthcoming sophomore album Amaro, set for release April 13 via Caroline Australia. Pre-order here


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