The Paper Kites ~ Electric Indigo

I think I’ve just watched the sweetest video clip of all time. The Paper Kites Electric Indigo vid offers solid proof every young man can outsmart the arsehole nightclub bouncer and captivate the pretty girl twirling on the dance floor. The stuff of legends.

Melbourne’s own Corner Hotel masquerades as ‘Dance Or Go’, a club clearly operating a ‘cut shapes or piss off’ policy. When a frustrated young writer type throws a screwed up bit of paper in the bin and downs tools (a lovely old-school typewriter) at 12am, he grabs his jacket and leaves looking for inspiration, tying perfectly into the back story of band’s new album twelvefour. 

Going on the theory that an artist’s creative peak is between the hours of midnight and four AM, chief songwriter and lead singer Sam Bentley wrote the whole album between these hours every night for two months. Now, that is superb dedication to proving a theory, I must say. The result has been well worth the pain. A quick trip to Seattle for recording sessions with famed producer Phil Ek also didn’t hurt.

Electric Indigo nails it for me. The melody moves me beautifully, as many Paper Kites songs have done before. I’ve been doing some of my own unashamed hair-brush harmonising along with the closing lyrics, “What’s it gonna, what’s it gonna take, what’s it gonna, what’s it gonna take”. I don’t know! What?

It didn’t take much for the guy to get the girl (actress Laura Brent) in the video. The cute-awkward dance moves didn’t hurt his chances at all. The moment they run off together into the night, smiling, hand-in-hand, is just too cute. Nice work Matthew Cox and Indimax Productions!

Good news too, there’s a twelvefour national tour happening in October. Dates and ticket details below.

Now watch this gorgeous piece of work here:

Saturday, 17th October 2015
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
Tickets: Oztix | 1300 762 545

Thursday, 22nd October 2015
Theatre Royal, Castlemaine (AA)
Tickets: Theatre Royal

Friday, 23rd October 2015
170 Russell, Melbourne
Tickets: 170 Russell | 1300 724 867

Saturday, 24th October 2015
The Workers Club, Geelong
Tickets: Oztix | 1300 762 545

Thursday, 29th October 2015
Solbar, Maroochydore
Tickets: Oztix | 1300 762 545

Friday, 30th October 2015
The Soundlounge, Gold Coast
Tickets: The Soundlounge

Saturday, 31st October 2015
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Tickets: Woolly Mammoth | 1300 724 867

Thursday, 5th November 2015
Lizottes, Newcastle (AA)
Tickets: Lizottes | 02 4956 2066

Friday, 6th November 2015
The Metro, Sydney (AA)
Tickets: Ticketek | 132 849

Saturday, 7th November 2015
Anu Bar, Canberra
Tickets: Ticketek | 132 849

Sunday, 8th November 2015
Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul (AA)
Tickets: Ticketmaster | 136 100

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