Tinpan Orange ~ Rich Man

Lady readers of WildnFree, here is a solemn warning from Melbourne indie-folk sweethearts Tinpan Orange. Beware the heartless Rich Man, the cruel subject of the trio’s first single off their long-awaited fifth album Love Is A Dog. Such a straight-to-the-guts album title makes WildnFree take her head in her hands, agreeing “Isn’t it just?!” Loving a rich man besotted with his wallet is truly the meanest of sorrows. Take sweet-as sibling singers Emily and Jesse Lubitz’s beautifully harmonised advice to “Lady, walk away.” They sing the truth.

If you’re still holding on in vain, let the soft and poignant wailing of Alex Burkoy’s violin tear you to emotional shreds instead. But, be brave Lady; or indeed, be brave Lovers of All Persuasians. Better to love a poor man wealthy in purpose, passion and spirit than old mate Rich Man. One day, you’ll realise he’s actually the poor bastard instead.

Enough philosophy. Listen to Rich Man and enjoy:

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