Rest In Peace George Martin

WildnFree would like to pay tribute to Sir George Martin, the revered Beatles producer who seemed so gentle and kind. After discovering this rad new band called The Beatles back in her teenage years, WildnFree was introduced to the legendary producer through the Anthology documentary series. Watching it over and over, she learned all about George, The Beatles and Abbey Road Studios from the man himself.

Thank goodness for you George Martin. Where would music be without you? No strings on Yesterday, that’s true, and countless other Beatle wonders may have floundered, emerging as poorer, under-realised versions of themselves.

We all need a George Martin in our lives. Someone who see the depths of your potential, and lends their skills, love and support to help you uncover the genius within. For example, A Day In The Life. Two different songs, one written by John, the other written by Paul, are woven together by a mad orchestral frenzy mid-song and in closing. Nothing makes sense, nothing has to. The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts, brought together by the wise and skilful guidance of that great man.

Be a George Martin, lovers of WildnFree.  Help someone uncover their own genius by lending them yours. Enjoy:

Image by Rex Features

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