Tuva Finseras ~ Pack Of Wolves

Feel hunted down and beautifully captured by Norwegian-born Melbourne-newbie Tuva Finserås‘ stunner Pack Of Wolves. Blunt percussion, sneaking fuzz blaze and clear-cut lyrics leaving no doubt as to the danger – predators, prey, traps, tracks, attacks, wolves ready to pounce and take her away – it’s creepy and compelling, disturbing and ensnaring, yet well worth the musical entrapment for a few sweet minutes.

Hailing from Drøbak, Norway, Tuva played violin at Norwegian folk festivals during her childhood. After wanting to move away to pursue her love of music, she had a burst of inspiration while watching good old Home and Away and decided on Australia, finding her way from Summer Bay to Melbourne in early 2015. 

Produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Alex the Astronaut, nyck, Gordi) is  second single and title track from her forthcoming debut EP due out in 2018.




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