Vinten ~ You Don’t Know Me

Listen to this powerful and poignant new track You Don’t Know Me from Melbourne’s Vinten. The lingering influence of our childhood boyfriends and girlfriends comes up for exploration in this rocking little piece of indie goodness, made all the more compelling by the violin wailing quickly and solemnly throughout.

Feel the sad weight of the lyrics Just two young kids connected by a string, that’s you and me. But fate has a way of working out, you’ll see, but you don’t know me. If only everyone’s childhood sweetheart was ‘the one’, sigh, wouldn’t life be so much easier? Such are the thoughts you should expect to be provoked as you listen.

Punters of Melbourne, 5-piece Vintent will be launching debut EP What Has Been on Saturday December 19th at The Public Bar, North Melbourne, with JP Klipspringer and John Kennedy. Get onto it early.


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