WildnFree Celebrates International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, WildnFree is proud to reflect on her 100% femaleness. She’s written, edited and loved by a woman alone. Most of the passionate and dedicated music publicists who send WildnFree great songs to share are women.  Many of the talented artists I love to write about are women, but perhaps not as many as we badly want and need.

Many male artists are beloved by WildnFree. Men are welcomed with pleasure on this blog, as long as they’re not dicks. Continue being brilliant in all your very best ways fellas.

Although it’s so very very hard, and girls should just shut the fuck up and be pretty, and we should never play the drums, and we should bag the husband/house/baby trifecta circa age 30 or else, and we should never expect to be valued as much, and we should always know it’s our fault no matter what; WildnFree would like to take a moment to appreciate the radness of women.

We are so fucking strong. We endure so much. We have the odds stacked against us from the very beginning. We are all so beautiful. We are all so very powerful without even knowing.

Now, is there a better way to celebrate the sistahood than with Australia’s very own 80s YTT power siblings Kylie and Dannii Minogue?!  There is not!

Take it away Kylie (the original, and the best) and Dannii. Sing it loud sisters:

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