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Sydney’s indie-rock go-getter Georgia June debut single Cool is deeply relatable to every single human who’s ever been to high school. Inspired by the likes of Blondie, The Divinyls and Joan Jett, Georgia June explores the shitty insecurities and dog-eat-dog survival games of adolescence, and let’s face it, often adulthood, in driving punk-rock.  

Georgia June took some time to chat with WildnFree about herself, her band, her time away in New York City, her passion for Sydney’s youth culture and being an annoying and persistent person (lol)!  

WF: Congrats on your debut single Cool, it’s pretty powerful and sound likes it’s all about an arsehole. Tell me about it!

GJ: Thank you! Hahaha it’s more towards like a bunch of people rather than one particular person, although it was sparked by one guy. I was at this party that got out of hand and next thing you know I write a song about teenagers trying to fit into a category just because it’s what they should do. I still do it all the time, like I do stupid shit for no apparent reason because it’s what is ‘cool’

WF: Tell me a bit about your band and what you’re working on right now? 

GJ: I met Joe, Jack and James this year and went to High School with Lewis, we are all great mates, so it’s handy that we get along beyond the music thing. At the moment we are trying to play as many gigs as we can and keep writing. We are starting to prep for the next single to be released (woooo) which will be quite soon! We are always listening to new music, so constantly building the set list and making it stronger is something we try and do often. Aside from that, we eat a lot of Italian food and play Frisbee.

WF: I’d love to hear about all the opportunities and learning you were able to get during your time away in New York, and how that inspired and changed you as an artist. 

GJ: It was crazily insane!! Definitely inspired me as an artist and person, being completely isolated from all my support networks was challenging at times but I definitely felt very drawn to NYC (it’s hard to say that without sounding like a wanker). There was so much going on all the time, it was overwhelming in the best way. Plus, I’m a city girl through and through, like I legit don’t do dirt, so New York was a dream.

I was mentored by these two guys at Billboard Mag, who were just incredible, I learnt heaps about the industry, who I want to be and basically honing me as an artist. The recording process with Joel and Ayad was such a spin out! I met Joel (who is an Aussie who moved to the states ages ago) because his band- Surf Rock id Dead, opened up for the Jezabels at Music Hall of Williamsburg and after the show we met and got to talking, next thing you know he and Ayad are producing my tracks at their studio.

My whole New York experience came out of me being the most annoying and persistent person, reaching out to people constantly. I guess for me, I’ve always known what I wanted, and without sounding crazy, I’m willing to work however hard is needed and do whatever to get there (very cheese I know- but it’s the truth!)

WF: I hear you’re a “keen feminist/environmentalist who actively engages with politics and you’re currently in the running to be selected for NSW’s youth elective council, where you hope to share your views on issues surrounding the local arts scene and youth culture.” Wow – what’s this about? What are you hoping to achieve in particular? 

GJ: Hahaha that makes me sound fancy but I’m really not. I really do care about youth culture and I’m super passionate about it! I think that youth aren’t given enough of a voice about the decisions that affect them, the youth services that are available are unknown and our arts scene (specifically Sydney) isn’t open to youth which creates this barrier between live music and teenagers who want to see it and be involved!

I just want to be more involved and aware about youth arts culture and hopefully I can impact it in some way. I love the world lol I don’t want it to die- bloody hell, people need to start caring more, I am in no way a super well informed environmentalist but I’m definitely trying to learn and become more and more knowledgeable on it! Feminist?! Everyone should be a feminist! It’s so important that we don’t become complacent with how far women have come, but we have so far to go!!

WF: What’s coming up next from Georgia June? 

GJ: New music, gigs, some more Frisbee! Nah, we just hope we get to do what we love every day and then hopefully I can continue my shopping addiction and pay rent, wouldn’t that be nice!

For shizz. Enjoy Cool:

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