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“It goes back to the show I did in Berlin,” explains Melbourne producer and singer-songwriter Josh The Cat, in part 1 of our conversation about EP Happiness.  “We wouldn’t be having this conversation now if I’d never had that conversation with my sister, setting in motion that particular show. It was just a matter of someone saying, ‘Just release it and put on a show.’ I wouldn’t have known that just saying ‘yes’ would lead to all these things happening.”

In keeping with the spirit of our conversation, WildnFree thought she’d leave the actual discussion about the EP’s songs to this follow up part 2. Reflecting on the nature of creativity, where small seeds planted on the way bloom later with momentum, last EP track Prenzlauer Allee was included precisely to honour that cycle. “When I first started to record this EP, Jim (Hickey, producer) helped me work out how to make the songs come to life,” says Josh The Cat’s Joshua Teicher. “I’d been playing really small gigs in a bar with just a loop pedal, effects pedal, and I was probably maybe doing some beatboxing, playing guitar! I went to his house on Prenzlauer Allee in Berlin, performed the songs twice just like I had in the gig, and we then listened back, talked about the things we liked, didn’t like and possible approaches to take it forward.”

Prenzlauer Allee, a meditative streetscape instrumental, is ghostly and divine enough to teleport you straight onto that street, in the way only music can. “To honour that commitment to finishing things, that cycle, I wanted to have a piece that referenced everything else, even if it’s lost on everyone,” explains Josh. “We’d wanted to capture some rawness and texture of the live performances I’d been doing in the bar. Listening back, we had the windows open and could hear street noise coming through the microphone. We loved the sound of it, so set up the microphone at the window and captured it all.”

The sounds also appear on gentle Ghost (featuring Phia) although in a more rhythmic form looped back in, while tetchy slow-jam Slow Down offers some killer guitar and bass moodiness. Title track Happiness is, as previously discussed,  soft, raw, poignant and paradoxical.

Catch Josh The Cat live tomorrow night for his double EP launch with Phia at The Old Bar 

Enjoy Happiness now:

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