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Dream-pop animals I Know Leopard, famous for the beautiful Close My Eyes and philosophical Rather Be Lonely, are plotting a quick and dirty East Coast tour in approximately two weeks, so get onto it. Lead singer/legend Luke O’Loughlin, a man bearing the convenient and convival initials of LO’L, had a quick chat about the tour and all sorts of other things with WildnFree.   

WF: 2016 was your year. What were your top 3 highlights?

LO’L: 2016 was an interesting one for us as we were actually burrowed away writing most of the year, surfacing only for a couple of short support tours. It has really been a process of writing as much as possible because we feel that with each new song we write, the closer we get to effectively conveying who we are as a band. So, essentially 2016 was a year we dedicated to that, the fruits of which we will hopefully see a bit of in 2017. But aside from that, highlights included signing to our dream label Ivy League, working with the absolute lord that is producer Steven Schram on a couple of tracks and of course the tours which we always enjoy.

WF: Holy Holy and The Paper Kites are two of WildnFree‘s most favourite bands.  Please tell me how amazing it was to tour with both of them.

LO’L: Well, it was amazing. Both bands were made up of the most genuine, humble people. They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. They both even cut their soundchecks short sometimes so that we could have a proper soundcheck which is often unheard of on support tours. It was also so inspiring to watch the bands perform every night. So much professionalism. Since those tours, we have really endeavoured to step up our live game.

WF: Rather Be Lonely is such a gorgeous track, but is described as an anti-love album. Why is this so? Would you really honestly rather be lonely than being with the wrong lover? Be honest! (Please note: WildnFree would like to clarify that she was feeling pessimistic about love when she posed this question, and was nihilistically assessing whether or not it was better to be unhappily attached. She thanks LO’L for bringing her back to her senses with this excellent answer…) 

LO’L: Yes I would indeed. A non-reciprocal relationship can be the most exhausting and even harrowing thing. It gets to a point where it begins to eat away at your self -esteem and you simply have no choice but to take the power back into your own hands in order to restore your mental health. 

WF: What’s the plan for 2017? What would you love to achieve by December?

LO’L: Well, we will be releasing another single from the Steven Schram sessions very soon. Whether that will be on the album or not we can’t say for sure. But all the while we are continuing to work away on the debut record which I couldn’t be more excited about. It really is turning into a big ol’ monster. A friendly monster though. 🙂 So we would ideally like to have that record wrapped up with the first cut from it released before December. And we hope of course that we continue to get to play some fun shows and tours in the meantime.

WF: Tell me what’s coming up on the Rather Be Lonely East Coast single tour! How do you think your live show will have evolved from the last time you toured?

LO’L: We are playing a bunch of new songs which are a definite evolution from our first 2 EPs. So in that alone, the live show will be step up. New sounds, synths, dynamics and haircuts. 

WF: What Australian bands/artists are you loving right now?

LO’L: We really think the most underrated artist in the country right now is a dazzling lady from Sydney named BUOY. Both of the EP’s she’s released are breathtakingly beautiful. Her syrupy vocals, the sonics and arrangements are just so sophisticated and worthy of international acclaim. We are also really loving Sampa The Great, Jack T Wotton & the Wunderz, D.D Dumbo and Big Scary who are all making music which transmits their own unique identity – something that I’d like to see a lot more of in Australian music these days. 

Here here LO’L. Thanks so much for the excellent chat and confirming first hand that Steven Schram, Holy Holy and The Paper Kites are legends.

Tour dates and ticket details are below. Now watch this beautiful curiosity of a music video, directed by Wyatt Winbourne, for Rather Be Lonely:

Rather Be Lonely East Coast Tour

Wed 8 Feb
Collingwood Open Series

@ The Gasometer (18+)

Melbourne, VIC
Ph: 1300 762 545

Fri 10 Feb
Hudson Ballroom (18+)

Sydney, NSW
Ph: 1300 GET TIX

Sat 11 Feb
Mountain Goat Valley Crawl

@ The Foundry (18+)

Brisbane, QLD

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