Words With Lennox Groove’s Ben Luke

If you’re 16 and your parents are telling you to get a job, Ben Luke from music biz Lennox Groove should be your new hero. “Mum and Dad said “get a job”, and I was like yea nah, so I started Lennox Groove,” he says, like the enterprising young legend he is.  Shortly after, Ben launched new all-ages festival Beach Sounds, coming up July 8 in Lennox Head. 

WildnFree asked Lennox Groove CEO/Managing Director/Company Secretary/Board Chairman/Legend Ben Luke all about it.

WF: You’re 16 and have started your own music business Lennox Groove because “Mum and Dad said “get a job”, and I was like yea nah, so I started Lennox Groove.” This is impressive. What do your parents think now?  

BL: They are 100% on board and supportive. Lennox Groove is mostly run by me with some help from Dad and he has also started to like the music that’s involved with it too. Mum and Dad know it’s a massive project and they are loving it, so that’s awesome.

WF: You’ve started your own music festival Beach Sounds and said ‘a big goal with my business was to bring the music I love to my home town for kids my age and that is why I am starting Beach Sounds, so I hope everyone lets their kids get to this gig.” What’s going to be going down at Beach Sounds and why should parents let their kids go? 

BL: It was important for me that the gig was all ages. It is especially hard to see local or upcoming bands play live, most of the scene I’m into play at a lot of pubs or venues that don’t allow all ages, so when I had the opportunity to put on Beach Sounds I jumped at it. I want to get the young community down here to experience an all out gig in an environment that is going to be both fun and safe, parents should let their kids come, have a good time and rock out to the bands. It will be alcohol free and secure, we even have the legends at Olive & Luca pizza giving free pizza to kids that get there early. It has been great that the whole of Lennox Head is on board and  supportive.

WF: Are you a musician? 

BL: Yeah! I play guitar and my mentor and teacher is guitarist Mike Watson from a band playing at Beach Sounds, WHARVES. They just won the triple j Splendour In The Grass comp and I can’t wait to see them smash it out on main stage.

WF: What are you plans for Lennox Groove over the next 12 months?

BL: I think we are just gonna keep doing what we’ve been doing, selling vinyl, creating events, more graphic design stuff. Maybe for the next gig even Violent Soho might hop on the line up or something crazy like that ahahah! I definitely think maybe a music blog type website might be plans for the future, who knows though!

WF:What bands out of Byron Bay/Lennox Head should we know about? 

BL: Oh wow there are so many awesome ones, WHARVES of course they are going huge. Definitely check out Mini Skirt, no doubt one of my favs. WASH are another awesome surf piece from Byron, they always play a killer live set. BLISTER are another one of my favourites, that’s surfer Noa Deane’s band.  Any band from that little punk/surf scene are a definite check out, there is serious talent coming out of Byron and Lennox in regards to that type of sound.

BEACH SOUNDS 8 July 2017.  Tickets from www.trybooking.com only $15 plus fee or $20 on the night

Here’s some WHARVES in the meantime:

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