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Check out the HUGE new live video for rock banger Chivalry Is Dead by Brisbane’s Machine Age and be totally awed. A multi-instrumentalist first appearing on the scene with 2015’s Chivalry, (a track described back then as his “musical and sexual revolution) Adrian Mauro has made WildnFree a little sad now chivalry is officially over, but stoked he’s undergoing new revolutions as a down and dirty rock and roll performer, songwriter and producer. Catch Machine Age performing live and you’ll get why, he’s one of those hard-working, fully engrossed looping guitarists who throws himself body and soul into his performance, face dripping with passion, authenticity and sweat. WildnFree was totally happy to chat with Machine Age all about it.  

WF: Tell me all about Chivalry Is Dead

MA: It was a track I threw in more as a live jam for a while there, and over time I added lyrics to it and then it became this visceral thing, the opposite of Chivalry.

WF: It’s totally dark and broody, I love it. 

MA: You’ve seen my live show, it’s a rollercoaster of genres and styles. My first songs, like Chivalry, were all tending towards the sweeter side, so its kinda nice to get the rougher side out, my North Queensland roots are coming out now!

WF: The video definitely looks exactly what you do live, your solo performance is so amazingly intense. 

MA: That’s how I started, but now I’ve built the Machine Age project up over a couple of years with a body of work, it’s time to stop enjoying being a one-man band and inviting some friends on the road with me! I’ve got one drummer for now, Dylan Stewart, I started the year thinking I’d get two drummers, one to do the electronic stuff, the other to do the more organic stuff, but at the moment that’s hard logistically. While I’m doing support show, it makes sense to keep it simple.

WF: Congrats on signing to booking agency New World Artists! Tell me more. 

MA: It’s really exciting. It started to take off a little more when I got a wildcard spot to play at BigSound 2015, and from that show I ended up getting quite a lot of interest from a few different labels and booking agents….

As you should!

….well, thank you, but the trouble is, without having a big banger on triple j, or something in high rotation on radio, a lot of them were waiting for me to put out something more substantial. I’m not making my music to cater for radio play, but at the same time, it’s silly not to make more accessible music so I can keep doing what I do.

So basically, after BigSound, it was a matter of people saying, “Okay, what else have you got?” So, last year I just needed to keep touring, get another tune out and work on a bigger body of work. I released Don’t Look, did a bit of touring, supported The Jungle Giants, toured with BANFF in the UK and Europe, came home, got into the home studio and got cracking on finalising the material I’d been working on.

Come January, I hit everyone up, managers, labels, booking agents and said “Alright, this is what I’ve got, 12-15 songs!” Edwin from New World got back to me straight away and loved it. Everything clicked together, so I’ve gone from being a one-man band, self-managed and produced, to having a few other people involved, and that feels good.

WF: Adding the drummer to your live show definitely adds balance and another visual and sonic element. 

MA: Beforehand, people would say, “Oh you’re one of these laptop producer guys,” but I’m a little more rock and roll than that. So, it was time to step up the live show and incorporate other things. The shows I’ve played this year with my drummer have been fantastic, for me as a performer, it’s so much more relaxing and liberating to have someone else on stage to steal people’s gaze away so it’s not just all about me, I’m not that wanker saying ‘look at me’ the whole time!

WF: You definitely don’t look like a wanker (WildnFree is very happy to guarantee he is NOT a wanker on stage)

MA: Well, I find it a bit self- indulgent just doing my own thing, I think that’s why it took me so long, I always thought the singer of every band was a wanker!  So it’s been great, it’s such a great dynamic when Dylan kicks in.

WF: What are we going to see from you during your tour with Holy Holy?

MA: A two- piece Machine Age playing the new material, and hopefully, for people who’ve already have seen my show, they’ll see the dynamic contrast with a live drummer. I’ll still have a lot of samples and electronic elements smashed along with the more bigger bombastic live drums, but the heavy moments will be bigger and more dynamic, which creates more light and shade for the more sentimental moments. I can’t wait to hit the road with Holy Holy, I might even be getting on stage with them to play some trumpet.

WF: What’s the plan next for the music. An EP? An album?

MA:  In my head, I’ve made a record, my plan was to put it all out there and get on with it, but it’s still yet to be determined. But, right now, it feels like the right pieces of the puzzle are coming together, I can actually go somewhere with my music. Touring with BANFF last year also helped me understand how caught up Australians get with being on a ‘certain’ radio station. There’s a big wide world out there, so as someone who doesn’t want to be too pigeon-holed, it’s great to have a team that’ll help me to reach a wider fan base.

WF: What makes you most proud about your new music?

MA: Chivalry Is Dead is the first track I’ve fully mixed of myself. I normally like to collaborate, because I haven’t really backed myself in that way before, but I did that one myself, and I’m proud of that. It’s not a fucking radio song, it doesn’t have a chorus, I’m putting it out there and people can say it’s really shit or really cool, I’m least precious about this one. The next track I’ll share is the song I’m most proud of in terms of songwriting and production, so lets hope it doesn’t get panned!

Fuck no Machine Age, WildnFree is sure it’ll be great. Watch Chivalry Is Dead and grab tickets to see him play this monster live supporting Holy Holy on their June-July national Paint tour.



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